Christmas Caroling

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Last Friday, December 23rd, Apple Bee went Christmas caroling downtown! We sang Christmas songs along Shinshigai, and visited a few different places. One of our stops was Starbucks. The people at Starbucks were very nice. They opened the windows for us and we sang for the customers. Some of the customers joined us singing! Then afterwards we were given cocoa to keep us warm. Our next stop was the secret Mirage hair salon. The people there were nice too. The owner gave us all Christmas presents! Our last stop was Liz beauty salon and este. Here we went inside and could rest a little, the owner is one of our Apple Bee mothers. We got hot drinks there too. We were even given Christmas tatoos (removable of course). WIth our caroling we included a prayer for the Tohoku earthquake victims. We wished them health and a happy return to their homes. Our final destination was McDonald’s. There we had a great Christmas party and exchanged gifts with one another. We had a wonderful time caroling, and hope to do it again next year.
Merry Christmas with best wishes for a happy new year to all from Apple Bee International School!